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The verse, '...is my name and with my needle I wrought the same', is frequently found on old samplers, and was the inspiration for my company name.

With My Needle

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  • Cross Stitch Kits & Charts by Cottage Needlecrafts Our Christmas Cross-stitch range includes personalized name samplers for Children & Adults. The Letttering is charted in a colorful Christmas Red
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  • Decorative Cross-Stitch Alphabets: Inc. Sterling. Decorative Cross-Stitch Alphabets [Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This big collection of A-to-Zs will be as.
  • クロスステッチの本 - HUGO Amazonでのクロスス テッチの本のご紹介です。 1500円以上で 送料無料(一部例外あり)・着払いも可.
  • Cross Stitch Caption Maker - text, alphabet, border. Create personalized charted patterns in cross-stitch or backstitch lettering, using your own text! Choose from several different sizes and styles of alphabets.
  • 刺しゅう - RETROBOOKS 昭和のレトロな編物の本、洋裁の本、和裁の本、刺しゅうの本、レース編の本、パッチワーク、手芸の本、本屋さんでは.
  • Gallery.ru / Все альбомы пользователя Orlanda Burda Special-230 цветных мотивов для вышивки крестом. 43 фото. Just Cross Stitch-май-июнь-2009
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