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Star Wars: Episodio I - La minaccia fantasma (Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace) è un film del 1999 scritto e diretto da George Lucas. È il quarto film.

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  • Dennis the Menace (filme) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre Dennis the Menace, (Brasil/Portugal: Dennis, o Pimentinha, lançado no Reino Unido como Dennis para evitar uma confusão com um personagem identicamente nomeado) é.
  • One Sunday Afternoon (1948) Raoul Walsh, Dennis Morgan. This third film version of James Hagan’s stage play One Sunday Afternoon was directed by Raoul Walsh, who helmed the second adaptation (1941’s.
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  • Dennis the Menace VHS - amazon.com Amazon.com: Dennis the Menace [VHS]: Walter Matthau, Mason Gamble, Joan Plowright, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Robert Stanton, Amy Sakasitz, Kellen Hathaway.
  • Dennis the Menace Strikes Again - Wikipedia Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (Also known as: Dennis 2: Dennis Strikes Again) is a 1998 direct-to-video sequel to the 1993 theatrical feature Dennis the Menace.
  • All-New Dennis the Menace - Wikipedia All-New Dennis the Menace is an American animated series produced by DIC Entertainment, based on the comic strip by Hank Ketcham. It ran from 1993 on CBS, the same.
  • Star Wars, épisode I : La Menace fantôme — Wikipédia Star Wars, épisode I : La Menace fantôme (Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace) est un film américain de science-fiction de type space opera sorti en 1999.
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