I expect this is a subject more familiar to our European readers than folks here in the US – the idea is tromping out to the sites of WWII skirmishes or.

Digging for WWII Relics – Forgotten Weapons

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  • Crippling the US Without Firing a Shot: The Electrical. When the power goes out, everything just stops. For residential users, even a few hours begins to intrude heavily as melting freezers, dying cell phones.
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  • Weather Terrorists Control The Climate » Weather. Get this. I washed thoroughly my large backdoor sliding door. After a rain, I was sitting and looking out and see a 'gasoline rainbow' in drip forms seemingly glued.
  • Infrastructure - Atomic Rockets For most missions, almost half of the delta-V budget is used up in the first 160 kilometers or so, the lift-off from Terra's surface into Low Earth Orbit.
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