Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

Test your emotional intelligence with our free EQ quiz. Our free emotional intelligence test assesses your how you can improve managing emotions under pressure

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  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work Scholars may have coined the term “emotional intelligence” in the early 1990s, but business leaders quickly took the concept and made it their own.
  • 19 Practical, Powerful Ways to Build Social-Emotional. When it comes to children, we're the ones who can fuel their flight and building their social-emotional intelligence is a sure way to do this. Here's how
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  • Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by. Emotional Intelligence has 61,056 ratings and 1,931 reviews. Jim said: This visionary book by Daniel Goleman is one of the most important in my collectio...
  • Definition of Emotional Intelligence (EI, EQ) Emotional intelligence is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify, learn.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Parenting - EQI Why Develop Emotional Intelligence. Our emotions help us gather, organize, prioritize, recall and process information which is essential to both health and.
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