NEW The Fallacy Detective Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning

The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning [Nathaniel Bluedorn, Hans Bluedorn, Rob Corley;Tim Hodge] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping.

The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to.

  • The Bad Writing Contest - Denis Dutton 1996. The entries for the second run of the Bad Writing Contest have now been tabulated, and we are pleased to announce winners. But first a few.
  • Debunkatron For the fun of debunking, duty of skepticism, and love of science. It is difficult to say what truth is, but sometimes it is so easy to recognize a falsehood.
  • The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to. The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning - Kindle edition by Nathaniel Bluedorn, Hans Bluedorn, Rob Corley, Tim Hodge. Download.
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