Specialty Coding Manual for Emergency Medicine Care

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  • Ambulance and EMS Transport Require Specialized Coding. Coding/Billing: Facility Emergency situations call for unique coding of non-physician provider services. By Caral Edelberg, CPC, CPMA, CAC, CCS-P, CHC Ambu
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  • Emergency Department Billing and Charting - Crashing Patient RVU Killers Lecture. charting-and-coding from ALIEM. Huge potential for disagreement when assigning CPT-4 codes (Annals EM 40:3, 2002) CC, ROS, PFSH may be separate.
  • EMERGENCY ULTRASOUND CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT EMERGENCY ULTRASOUND CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT Ultrasound Section American College of Emergency Physicians Contributors Stephen Hoffenberg, MD, FACEP
  • Inpatient E/M Training - UT Health San Antonio Basic Inpatient E/M Coding Training Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Outline This training only covers the basic elements of coding for inpatient evaluation.
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