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Ontario Association of Architects Award. National Post/Design Exchange Award. Mississauga 2000 Urban Design Icon Award. Praxis, Vol. o, Architecture and the.

Kohn Shnier Architects

  • Hoek Design Grote Kerkstraat 23 | 1135 BC Edam | The Netherlands. T +31 (0)299 372853 | F +31 (0)299 371519 | [email protected]
  • Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects Clif has worked with HK Architects since 2000 and has been a principal since 2012. He enjoys coming to work each day and solving problems for HK’s clients.
  • Global Architects Team GAT 福岡の医院建築設計事務所グローバルアーキテクツチーム・ガット。福岡県福岡市博多区に事務所を置き、九州をはじめ.
  • Hair Architects Tucson Hair Salon | Hair Salon Hair Color. Hair Salon Hair Color Hair Extensions in Tucson – 520.305.4100
  • Silva Architects - Home Page - Architecture Planning. Welcome to our home on the web. Silva Architects (SA) is highly experienced architecture firm located in Elgin, Illinois, serving at the heart of Fox Valley Region.
  • GMCN Architects we are able to master plan for your future. no matter what size of project, we invest the time it takes for a successful project from beginning to end.
  • Residential Architects London | Dyer Grimes Architects We are a leading firm of residential architects specialising in designing contemporary new homes and period renovations in London, Surrey and the South East
  • Austin City Hall - Predock Austin City Hall and Public Plaza Austin, Texas 1999/2004 . The new Austin City Hall and public plaza graces the shores of Lady Bird Lake at the edge of the dynamic.
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