The Secret Knowledge On the Dismantling of American Culture by David Mamet

David Alan Mamet (Chicago, 30 novembre 1947) è un drammaturgo, sceneggiatore, produttore cinematografico, regista, saggista e accademico statunitense.

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  • David Mamet - Wikipedia David Alan Mamet (/ ˈ m æ m ɪ t /; born November 30, 1947) is an American playwright, film director, screenwriter and author. He won a Pulitzer Prize and received.
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  • David Mamet - amazon.com David Mamet's numerous plays include Oleanna, Glengarry Glen Ross (winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award), American Buffalo, Speed.
  • The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American. The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture [David Mamet] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. David Mamet has been a controversial.
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